Saturday, March 05, 2016

A Saturday Walk

Today began early with fat, fluffy snowflakes that make for a beautiful wintery morning. After we came back from Kensington the snow stopped and we decided to head out to Sherway Gardens catching the subway out to Kipling and then a bus south to the mall. The mall has been host to renovations for the past couple of years for new American high end retailers, Saks and Nordstrom and the resulting renovations to the mall are really beautiful. Building on a circular model the new additions rise two stories with vaulted skylights running the length of the walkways letting in lots of light. Walking in the new parts was like walking around a modern-styled circular space station filled with light. 

After walking around the mall we walked back up to the Queensway, walking east to the IKEA. We picked up something to drink (a really yummy bubbly apple cider) and a dark chocolate bar so we could continue walking east along the Queensway finally catching the Queen Streetcar where it ended at the Queensway Loop. While it was still cool, the temperature was rising and the sun shining the whole way making it a nice walk on a clear day. Arriving home I asked Mr.T to make some calzone for dinner, a nice toasty meal for a cool winter night. 

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