Saturday, March 12, 2016

Friday Eats

The unseasonably warm weather continues here in TO and yesterday after yoga Mr.T (he took yesterday off work) and I went in search of something for lunch. After finding a few places closed, because we were too early we finally sat down to a nice lunch at Greens Vegetarian on Denison Street. The place serves a nice selection of Chinese vegetarian food and was really busy for lunch. 

We then walked back home finally venturing out into the backyard to see how it had survived throughout the winter. Late for dinner we decided to head up to Bloor Street for some dosas at Madras Masala. Although the place is kind of disorganized and oddly laid out the food is always yummy. We then made our way home watching the documentary How to Survive a Plague. The film looks at the development of ACT UP in New York and a group of individuals within the organization who helped bring about changes to federal drug policies in the United States. 

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