Sunday, March 27, 2016

London & Back

Today I drove to London and back so I could have lunch with Mom. She knew that Mr.T goes home to his Mom's for Easter and thought it would be nice to spend the day with her. Yesterday Mr.T and I picked her up some pies and other Scottish goods that she loves from the Scottish Bakery in Georgetown, so that I could deliver them to her today. After driving there we crossed town to visit the cemetery where my father has his ashes interred then stopped for a really nice lunch at Archie's Fish and Chips. After lunch I opened a couple of jars for Mom and helped her with some online banking then hopped in the car for the drive back to Toronto. Thank goodness the weather was nice all day, and even though I didn't have Sirius radio on this rental car I was able to hook up my iPhone enjoying my own Broadway styled playlist. 

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