Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Only Universal Constant...Higher costs

On March 1st the CRTC mandated that Canadian cable companies, long known for their monopolistic policies towards customers, had to offer new cheaper basic cable to customers. The idea was that entry level cable should be cheaper and more accessible. At the same time the hope was that cable companies would begin offering individual channels instead of the notorious packages that have always made choosing cable channels so complicated. Imagine what it would be like to pick and play. It is ironic that the dinosaur like cable companies had to be led by the CRTC as so many young people are cutting their cable cords, opting for other avenues for their viewing. In the end they will probably have to reduce their costs as their market share shrinks. I would love to cut the cord, but enjoy finding programming by surfing. At the same time I needed to cut my own bill because they keep climbing.

First Mr.T and I tried to figure out what we watch and how often we watch them, prioritizing shows and channels. I then searched through everything offered by my cable company, Rogers to see what I could do to reduce the bill. Of course, nothing is simple and the company websites are notoriously difficult to navigate, leading to anger and frustration. In the end I called up the company and was able to move from my higher package, which was VIP because it included TCM, and dropped to a cheaper package, something called Basic Plus. While chatting with the Rogers representative I learned that the ability to choose individual channels will not be rolled out until December. In the meantime while we lose TCM and a couple of other channels, I will save at least $ 20.00+ on my bill each month. Whenever regulations affect a monopolistic business like cable, you know everything intended to get cheaper, will only rise in price. 

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