Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wrapped up in Cable

As everyone knows on March 1st of this year the CRTC mandated that cable companies needed to offer basic cable packages to consumers. I decided to call on March 1st to see about changing our cable package because the costs kept climbing. Ironically enough they added another $ 5.00 for March, in essence billing consumers for the business they knew they were going to lose (a wild guess). Today I discovered that the changes I made to our cable package which took effect on March 23rd were not reflected in my bill for April. After calling to ask about the costs and receiving a complicated explanation about billing cycles, produced bills and different arms of the company I found myself frustrated by Rogers use of such archaic tactics. Trying to explain that such practices were common in the age of paper produced bills but in a digital age such tactics are not only ridiculous but bad business fell on deaf ears for the intake person. Why is it that cable companies treat their customers like sheep, trying to fleece them at every turn? We live in a digital age with multiple platforms for media. Don't they realize that these tactics and costs are in essence driving customers to cut the cord. I know I want to, and if we had the resources available to Americans, including Hulu, I would. 


  1. I cut the cord with Bell last August and bought an HDTV antenna which gives me a few channels for free. I also subscribe to Netflix through my apple tv and use a VPN service to get American content. Bye bye Bell.

  2. Thnx Ross, I'm curious about which channels you get through the HDTV antenna & which VPN service you use. What do you do about your Canadian address & US payment?