Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Beautiful Saturday

While today started out cool it turned into a lovely day. After picking up our dry goods for the week from Kensington Market, Mr.T and I walked down to College Street in search for a bike cargo trailer at Urbane Cyclist. They had a really nice one for a steep $ 375.00. 

While out on our walk we received a call from Ms.M with news that her Mom passed away earlier in the morning. It was sad to hear that Mrs.J had passed away put she was at peace after a long battle with cancer. 

We then walked south on Spadina to Home Sense and Winner's, then made our way west along King Street to Portland before heading back up to the Winner's and Loblaw's at Queen and Portland. We then walked home and decided to tackle some painting I had been wanting to do. Mr.T painted some  green rail planters he bought last night opting for white instead of green. We then painted a bunch of black IKEA frames from the second floor again white instead of black. 

Madras Masala
After applying a couple of coats of paint we decided to walk up to the Loblaw's on Dupont to see if the had anything at their garden centre. It was nice to see they had it up and running but there really weren't to many plants. We then walked down Christie checking out Fiesta Gardens across the road from Fiesta Farms. They had a better selection of plants ready for the garden, so we picked up some strawberries for the back garden, then made our way around Christie Pits to Madras Masala for dinner. 
It was the perfect meal for a nice but cool day. 

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