Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday Shopping

Because the cold continued on Sunday Mr.T and I decided to catch the subway out to the Junction to pick up a new LED light fixture for the upstairs hallway. Walking up to the subway we discovered that the Bloor line was closed and there were shuttle buses running to Kipling so we opted instead to catch the Bathurst bus up to St.Clair where we transferred to the St.Clair streetcar.

Arriving at The Stockyards we discovered we were too early for Winners and Home Sense but found The Home Depot open. Looking through the lighting we found a selection of LED lights and decide on a low profile 11" LED fixture that promised to provide good lighting. Arriving home we were disappointed to discover that the fixture we were replacing had a more complicated wiring system than expected. I am comfortable swapping out most fixtures or lights, indeed earlier in the week I replaced a plug in the kitchen, when everything is simple, but when I opened the box I found a bunch of wires all coming together. At the same time it seemed the electrical box was not mounted to anything, so instead of trying to fix something I was unsure of we opted to call our local handyman and have him tackle the fixture and a GFCI plug that had stopped working in the bathroom. 

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