Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Beautiful Friday

Mainly sunny skies in the forecast for your Friday with a high of 22 C.
Friday began with a lovely morning that continued all day. The sun was shining and the temperature continued to rise throughout the day. After yoga Mr.T and I walked over to Best Buy to spend some rewards points he had received. Then we went to Green's Vegetarian for a lunch because Mr.T was craving their avocado salad. Making our way home we then decided to bike over to Fiesta Gardens to pick up some potato vines and impatients to add a little colour and green to the planters in the front.

Later we walked over to Canadian Tire looking for a way to remount the sun sail we have hanging over the back deck. The sail which I bought last year from Lee Valley is a giant triangle and while it works as a sun shade the area I want shaded sadly doesn't get a lot of shade. With a little playing around with it yesterday Mr.T and I found that if we mounted it closer to the one fence it would actually provide more shade over our seating area. This means that we need some kind of metal bracket that will mount to the fence, so we were looking around Canadian Tire for something that might work. I think I found something but I still need a couple of nuts and bolts to see if it will work. For dinner on the way back home we stopped in at Whole Foods for some of their takeaway. 

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