Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday yard sale season began in our neighbourhood as the Harbord Village Resident's Association held their annual yard sale. After picking up our dry goods in Kensington Mr.T and I went for a walk up to Bloor Street where I found some nuts and bolts to help rehang the sun sail on the back deck. We then decided to head back to Kensington so I could try a pineapple soft serve at the newly opened Seven Lives Paleteria. After reading a review on BlogTO that stated that all their ice cream desserts were dairy-free I was excited to try it and it was delicious. 
Seven Lives Paleteria
Mr.T and I then walked down Spadina checking out Home Sense and Winner's ending up down by the music garden looking out onto Lake Ontario. We sat for awhile soaking up some of the sunshine then made our way back home. For dinner Mr.T picked up some burritos from Big Fat Burrito because I love their sweet potato burrito which is a nice meal on a warm day. Unlike burritos from other places it isn't too big and too heavy a meal. 

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