Sunday, May 01, 2016

A Quiet Saturday

Yesterday began cool but gradually warmed up as the day developed. It was nice to finally have a bright, sunny day so that we could get out again into the garden. After picking up our dry goods from Kensington Market Mr.T touched up some stain on the deck doorways before we decided to go for a walk to Fiesta Farms. Last time we were there we were surprised that they had a good selection of plants earlier than everyone else. We picked up some onions, leeks, swiss chard and basil. Walking home we planted the onions and leeks in the south garden and the chard in one of the rail planters. We also added some parsley seeds to some of the parsley that actually survived the winter and some beet seeds next to the leeks and onions. We figured this plants are the sturdiest and they would have the best chance with early plantings. 

For dinner we walked over to Fresh hoping to find the place less busy before dinner hours, but it is always busy. Mr.T and I both hate the close table seating they have and were lucky to score a booth, which at least makes the experience a little more bearable. After we made our way home and settled in for a quiet Saturday night. 

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