Monday, May 16, 2016

A Quiet Weekend

This weekend was a quiet one for Mr.T and I primarily because it was unseasonably cool on both Saturday and Sunday. After we picked up our dry goods in Kensington on Saturday morning we went for a short walk to the Winner's at Queen and Portland only because it was just too cool and windy to be out walking around. For dinner on Saturday night Mr.T picked up some fish & chips from Fresco's something we haven't had for some time. It was the perfect comfort food for a cool Saturday evening. 

On Sunday I spent most of the day inside troubled by a scratchy throat that just wouldn't go away. After coming back from a walk Mr.T picked up some really yummy burritos from Big Fat Burrito on Bloor Street. I am a fan of their sweet potato burrito not only because it is delicious but also because it isn't that heavy as a meal. 

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