Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Tuesday Film

Last night after dinner Mr.T and I decided to head over to the Varsity Theatre to catch an early show of the new Avengers film, Civil War. It has been years since we attended an evening film showing and we were not prepared for what we encountered. The place was packed mostly with young people out together for a social evening, which meant lots of talking, playing on their phones and boisterous behaviour. It was a shock for us both making us remember why we don't go to the movies more often. 

The film itself featured lots of quick motion fighting between the members the Avengers we have seen before and a few new additions including another relaunch of Spiderman, the Black Panther and Antman. The basic premise of the film is actually really interesting. Fed up with the continued destruction of cities and the deaths of civilians the United Nations comes together to form an organization to oversee the Avengers. The group must give up their independent status and sign an accord ensuring oversight for their actions. In essence it is a battle about fear and civil rights. The X-Men films have addressed a similar issue with the Mutant Registration Act and how enhanced individuals can be lauded and stigmatized by a society that fears them. There are some really beautiful moments exploring this issue, especially between the Scarlet Witch and Vision and if the film had spent more time with this issue it would given the film more weight and narrative structure. 

Instead the film put the issue of civil rights aside and opts instead for the personal battles between the members of the team. The tug and pull focus on Stark who signs the accord and Rogers who refuses because Rogers wants to defend his friend Bucky. The result is that the film becomes a collection of fast paced battles between members rather than an exploration of stigmatization and fear. 

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