Monday, May 23, 2016

A Wonderful Find

Yesterday was another beautiful day. In the morning Mr.T and I walked up to the Annex just a little east of St.George to pick up a really nice metal outdoor table base that we had spotted by the curb the night before. A large square 40" x 40" it took the two of us to carry it home. There was also a concrete top but that was too heavy for us to carry home, so we will have to find a new top for it that will weather well outside. 

We then decided to bike up to Loblaw's on Dupont to check out their garden centre. Then from there we biked to the Junction to check out the Home Depot and Rona looking for another planter for the railing out front. We needed something small, less than 15" and found a really nice white rounded planter that would fit perfectly on the railing on the front deck. We stopped for some hummus and a falafel at a falafel place, Habiba on St.Clair in the Stockyards. Located on the north side of the street the place features a few tables in front of a counter where everything is made. The decor shows little thought or attention to style or design and really is just a dressed up builder's shell. Behind the counter on a back wall is all the kitchen appliances placed too far from the counter meaning that the poor guy working behind the counter spent too much time and energy running back and forth between the counter and his kitchen area. The selection on the menu was pretty simple and once in the place I opted for some hummus while Mr.T had a falafel. Sadly, while the guy behind the counter tried his best to dress up the food everything was really a disappointment even for fast Middle-Eastern styled food. 

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