Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Cable Woes

This morning I spent another 40:00 minutes on the phone with Rogers about billing. Back in March I decided to change my cable package because things were getting just too expensive. Then in April I had to call them again because my bill was still showing the costs for the old package, so imagine my surprise when I looked at my most recent bill and found that I was till being billed for the old cable package. It turns out their system and the online system I see do not match. Really? Three months after cancelling the original package I was still paying for it. 

Is it any wonder that people are migrating away from cable when they not only charge for everything but also when they use business practices that are archaic and dated. I know that if we had the options available in the states, including Hulu and other streaming services I would cancel cable immediately. As it is our only other options are Netflix, Shomi and Crave. I guess I will wait until December when Rogers is supposed to be implementing a new system which allows users to purchase what they want and I will pare everything down to the bare essentials. 

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