Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Outsiders at the AGO

Today after yoga Mr.D from yoga had a couple of passes for the AGO show Outsiders. Located in one of the second floor galleries the show which runs until the end of the month features work from photographers that are grouped together under this umbrella idea. The idea is a bit of stretch, using the term outsiders to cover a group of photographers who really don't share a lot save their interest in photographic subjects who stand outside of everyday society. 

Before the show I knew of the work Diane Arbus and Nan Golden as I have been admirers for many years. The work of the other photographers, Garry Winograd, Danny Lyon and Gordon Parks was more photojournalistic in nature and while they photographed groups labeled outsiders their own eyes were more normative in nature. The odd man out in the collection is a collection of photographs from a New York based community of cross-dressers. This grouping is a collection of snapshots of men in drag and didn't really fit with the rest of the photographs. Looking at the work of Arbus and Goldin against these others only enhanced my belief in a queer eye that sees and frames subjects differently than a more normative heterosexual eye. 

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