Monday, May 09, 2016

Small Town Hate

Welcome to Leith POSTER.jpg
Just watched a really good but disturbing documentary, Welcome to Leith that looks at the small town of Leith, North Dakota. The film traces the history of conflict that began in the town when a white supremacist named Craig Cobb moved into the town and began buying up plots of land for other white supremacist organizations. The town was alerted to his actions by the Southern Poverty Law Centre which tracked domestic American organizations that traded in hate. 

The documentary, which is beautifully shot and filmed shows how American values can be subverted and used to defend actions that most would find abhorrent. Throughout the film we see how different groups of people interpret American ideals of individualism, gun ownership, protectionism, privacy, civil rights, masculinity and paternalism. It is in essence a study of how such ideals foster ideas of hatred and ignorance. An important documentary for anyone wanting to understand how hatred propagates. 

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