Saturday, June 04, 2016

A Saturday Walk

One of the waterfalls and ponds 
that turns into a man made stream south of the Sherbourne Commons. 

The manmade stream as it makes it way south to the lake.

After picking up our dry goods at Kensington this morning Mr.T and I walked down to the Home Sense and Winner's on Spadina then continued south to the Queen's Quay Loop. We then walked east  along the Harbourfront Trail stopping only for an iced lemonade at Tim Horton's. We then continued east to Sugar Beach walking north through Sherbourne Commons to Queen's Quay. South of the Commons the water that is filtered on the northern end of the park meanders in a really nice manmade stream that flows into the lake. 

We then continued east to Parliament where we walked north stopping for some veggie samosas at The Sultan of Samosas. From there we walked west on Gerard cutting through Allen Gardens before heading west along College. It was nice to get out on such a beautiful day for a good long walk (11.7 kilometres). 

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