Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Sunday Walk

Another beautiful called us out for a walk. After swapping out a short garden hose in the backyard for a longer hose and some trimming of the wisteria Mr.T and I walked west on Harbord to Ossington. We then zigzagged through some back streets until finally ending up on Bloor at Gladstone. From there we walked to Lansdowne. Mr.T had heard there was to be a Portuguese festival, but turns out it was only a parade. We followed it south to Dundas then walked farther south to Queen Street. 

From there we walked east stopping for some doubles at a roti place and then some strawberry vegan ice cream at Sweet Olenka's. We then walked east to Bathurst stopping in at the Portland Winner's and Loblaw's then made our way north on Portland to Lippincott before heading home. All together we walked 10 kilometres. 

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