Monday, June 06, 2016

Door Drama

Last Thursday Mr.T and I made our way out to the Stockyards to order a garage door from Home Depot. While there we dealt with a young man who was not only nervous but as it turns out he had no idea what he was doing. He told us that in order for us to have a door installed by Home Depot we needed to book a third party company, Clopay to come out and measure where we wanted our door. So after paying a measuring fee of $ 75.00 we waited around for the Clopay people to call us. 

After waiting around a couple of days and no call, Mr.T decided this morning to call Clopay to see when they might be coming. No surprise, they had no record of the order. After calling Home Depot, Mr.T was informed that the order that was placed with the young man on Thursday night was the wrong order skew for a garage door. Yet again we were at the mercy of modern capitalism and its ability to mess simple things, like orders up. After becoming frustrated by the process Mr.T left for work. 

After he left the Home Depot guy called me back because the order was further compromised. Talking with him I found out that an order from Home Depot to Clopay could take up to 30 days for an install. They did have in stock doors but they all had windows and we needed to pick those up (difficult for us). Because our pergola will be finished this week it would mean not only not having access to the back but also a security risk. Instead I called The Garage Door Company to see if they could expedite matters. Turns out they had a product in stock that could be installed later this week, hurrah! I guess the lesson learned today is trying to save a little money with DIY places like Home Depot is not always worth the frustration. 

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