Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Historical Photos

Last night while channel surfing Mr.T and I discovered a show on PBS, Genealogy Roadshow. The show featured people with questions about their past and researchers who presented what they discovered about the families presented. Not surprisingly the show is sponsored by, the genealogy arm of the Mormon church. However what I found interesting is how the internet has facilitated the growth of information about genealogy as sites like Ancestry collect historical records and documents. While talking about some of the stories the researchers also showed collections of historical photographs not necessarily of the individuals in question but from the same historical period. What I would love to see is some kind of internet clearinghouse where all photographs, snapshots and other such memorabilia could be uploaded and saved for others to tag with names, places and dates. 

We all know someone in our lives who have collections of such photographs sitting in drawers, boxes or albums filled with people they no longer know. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all these memories could be saved and stored digitally for future generations to access and use in ways we may not imagine. 

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