Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Summer Fairs Begin

Yesterday after making our way to Kensington Market for our dry goods Mr.Z texted wanting to know if we wanted to head over to the Little Italy festival on College Street. This is one of the first of the summer street fairs and festivals that eventually happen almost every weekend in Toronto. I love the feeling of fairs of any kind, the food, the people and the energy. While it was still early when we arrived the streets filled up quickly with people wanting to soak up the energy of Little Italy. 

There was a lot to eat, and after exploring we decided on some fish sandwiches at The Fish Store on the south side of College tucked between a falafel place a Thai place. I spotted a shrimp burger on the menu and thinking it would be like the shrimp patty I had while on the Norwegian cruise to the Caribbean I wanted to try it. Turns out it was just grilled shrimp on a burger bun, but it was still yummy. Mr.Z and Mr.D both opted for fish sandwiches and we enjoyed watching the parade of people while enjoying our lunch. 

After walking up and down the street we made our way east to Kensington stopping in at Cosmic Treats for some ice cream. I love the fact that there are so many vegan options now not only in the market but also across the city, but the one thing they all seem to share is an often way too casual approach to service. Mr.Z ordered their jalapeƱo poppers and we waited way too long for something that was really simple to make. After dinner we walked back home so Mr.D and Mr.Z could head home. 

For dinner, Mr.T and I decided to try out Amadeus Restaurant again in Kensington Market. While sitting at Cosmic Treats Mr.Z mentioned grilled sardines and I knew then that was the perfect thing for dinner on a warm Saturday summery night. Amadeus is an institution in the market and has been there as long as I can remember. Sitting on the northwest corner of Augusta and Denison Square the place consists of three separate little rooms, a more formal dining space, a bar and outside seating both in front and facing Bellevue Square. Because there was a soccer game playing on multiple televisions throughout the space we opted for the more formal dining space. Situated on the north end of the building it featured a selection of tables backed by a bar at the western end of the room. The menu filled with Portuguese inspired dishes had lots of fish and seafood options. I ordered their grilled sardines and a Portuguese pineapple drink (that while sweet was really yummy) while Mr.T had their cod dish. The service provided by an older gentleman and a younger waiter was really attentive and the food really delicious. The sardines were exactly what I wanted. They were salted and grilled with some grilled peppers, and boiled potatoes as accompaniment. Mr.T's cod dish consisted of fried salted cod, eggs, potatoes and olives and he too was happy with what he ordered. The food and the service made it the perfect way to end a beautiful, warm Saturday. 

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