Saturday, July 09, 2016

A Muggy Friday

Friday began with a little bit of rain, but sadly not enough to break the rising heat or humidity. Mr.T took the day off, so in the morning we walked to Dufferin Mall to pick up a BBQ cover that we can use for our bikes which are now stored under our pergola/carport. On the way home We had a call from our furnace guy who was supposed to arrive at the house sometime between 12 and 5. For the first time ever he called before the window time. 

Back at the house we met him to ask about moving our air conditioner from the front of the house to the back. While he said it could be done he thought it would take too much work and be too expensive. We then asked about replacing the water heater. Like everything else in the house every time we have an idea it involves issues and problems that make it more complicated and expensive than expected. In the end we decided to leave things as they are until we have a problem with the current system. 

We then went for a walk to Canadian Tire in Yorkville to check out some storage bins for the backyard. On the way home Mr.T had to go into work so I made my home happy to escape the heat and humidity. For dinner Mr.T picked up dinner from Curry Love and we ended the day watching Trumbo on Netflix. 

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