Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Quiet Saturday

Today I made my way to Kensington Market on my own while Mr.T stayed at home nursing his broken leg. After making it home I then biked over to Metro and then to Cob's completing our round of Saturday groceries. We had a couple of rolls for lunch and then I caught the subway up to Eglinton and Yonge searching for some bins to store some bone meal and blood meal for the back pergola/carport. I knew the best place to find them was the store Solutions and after picking a couple up I made my way back downtown. 

For dinner we decided to have some burritos from Big Fat Burrito on Bloor Street then settled in for a quiet night watching a couple of documentaries (Stormé: The Lady of the Jewel Box & Forevers Gonna Start Tonight) that Mr.S from the clinic had given us. 

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