Sunday, July 03, 2016

Another Beautiful Pride

Today after a quick bike ride to the Dufferin Mall to pick up some apple for Mr.T, we met up with Mr.S. I knew Mr.S many a moon ago when I was a teenager in London when he came out to our youth group. Sadly, shortly after he came to the group his family moved from London to Texas and we lost touch. Thankfully the magic of Facebook allowed us to reconnect and it was nice to see him again after so many years in person. 

Together we walked over to Church Street so he could check out the booths and the Toronto Pride Vibe where we also met up with Mr.T's friends, Mr.D and Mr.J from Vancouver. Together we walked up and down Church Street before settling in for a light lunch at Cafe California. When we arrived the place was packed and while we were able to score a table we found the service less than impressive having to flag down wait staff to take our drink and food orders. The wait at least allowed us a place to sit and to enjoy the company of new friends, catching up after so many years. 

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