Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another Beautiful Saturday

This morning after making our way to Kensington Market Mr.T and I walked down to Winner's and Home Sense before heading east on King to Yonge Street. I had read earlier that Yonge Street was closed between Queen and Dundas for a street festival so walked north to explore what was going on. The street fair which was devoted to local foods featured a few food trucks and lots of vendors hawking their food related wares. The festival was also set up in Dundas Square but we were disappointed to see a couple of chain restaurants included in what was supposed to be a local food festival. 

We then walked west over to City Hall to explore the Art fair that was set up in the square in front of City Hall. Walking through the lines of booths we found the festival smaller than it had been in previous years and found too much of the work on display too similar to style and content. There was lots of representative painting and photography but nothing had any real zing or energy. On the way home we stopped in Kensington Market so I could have one of the wonderful pineapple floats from Seven Lives Paleteria, the perfect treat on a hot day. 

After making our way home we decided to head over to Sushi on Bloor for a simple and familiar sushi dinner before walking back home and getting caught in a surprise downpour that helped break the Saturday heat and humidity. 

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