Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eaton' & Walkin'

Today I met up with Ms.S and Ms.K for a late breakfast at a trendy little diner on Queen just east of Ossington called Frankie's. The menu featured typical diner type foods with little attention to any form of allergies or special diets, but after Ms.S ordered an english muffin I ordered one too to have something in my belly. 

From there we walked east along Queen Street stopping in shops and having a look at stores carrying fun kitsch. We then walked north on Spadina so Ms.S could pick up some souvenir type things for friends back in Philly before heading over to Kensington for some yummy pineapple soft serve at Seven Lives. I then made my way back home so I could make dinner (quinoa and roasted red peppers and veggie sausages) for Mr.T. 

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