Friday, July 15, 2016

Letting Go

The front of the house with paint.

Today was a busy day all around. In the morning contractors arrived to begin stripping of the paint from the front of house. Ever since we moved in I have dreamed about removing the grey paint from the house, to return the house to its original Victorian glory. Because it is such a messy and laborious job we have had a hard time finding someone willing to tackle the project but finally today they arrived. 
The paint being removed. 
We need to paint out the sills and touch up some of the trim.

After they began to set up I made my way to the clinic for my day of volunteering. Later after making some dinner for Mr.T and after the contractors left Mr.T and I went out to have a look at the progress on the front of the house. It is a dramatic change and while some of the brick needs some work I think it gives the front of the house some much needed character. 

I then had a shower, dressed and walked over to the 519 on Church for the official launch for the book that I have worked on with Ms.R for the better part of the past year. Arriving their I set up the room with a few tables for our authors and lots of chairs for our expected audience. 

The first person to arrive was the seller from Glad Day with books in tow and he set up a couple of tables so he could hawk the books at the back of the room. We were also fortunate to have someone from the 519 who supplied some nibbles and a cash bar. People slowly trickled in and it was nice to see so many friends coming out to support the book and our authors. 

Mr.J MC'd the evening and after a brief introduction I explained a little about how the book came about and how we put together the articles in the book. We then let the authors introduce themselves and the subject they choose to write about it. Not only was it nice to finally meet authors I had only exchanged e-mails with, but it was also to hear how their stories affected their lives and how writing about them helped them understand who they were. 

After our authors spoke we opened the floor to questions and we were asked about a lack of colour on our panel. I explained that when we sought out our authors we tried to be as diverse as possible and had approached two African-Canadian authors but because of circumstances in their own lives they were unable to make our deadlines. Without any other questions we adjourned the evening allowing the authors and the audience to mingle and I tried to thank everyone who came for supporting the book. 

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