Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday Shopping

Yesterday after doing laundry and making my way to Kensington Market I biked up to Bloor Street to pick up some rolls for lunch. Sitting down for lunch it was nice to relax. Because Mr.T is still laid up with a cast on his leg after his surgery earlier this week I am taking care of everything around the house and I realize how much work each of actually does on a daily basis. 

After lunch I called Mr.D to see what they were up to today and to see if they wanted to head up to a Home Depot so I could pick up an outdoor storage box for the backyard. Later Mr.D and Mr.Z came over and we drove to the Home Depot at The Stockyards so I could pick up a box and so they could pick up materials to replace their eaves on their back deck. 

After dropping off the storage box at home we made our way back to their place to begin the process of removing some rotted beams on their porch roof in order to move the eaves and its downspout. Mr.D did most of the work removing the nails from the structure so that they could pull out the rotted boards. For dinner Mr.Z ordered in some pizza from Pizza Nova before they drove me back home where I was surprised to find that Mr.T had been able to put the box together. 

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