Monday, July 18, 2016

Stir Crazy

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Both Mr.T and I were going a little stir crazy today being trapped inside. Earlier in the day I biked up to Loblaw's to pick up some laundry pods and a few other things we needed. Later I went for a short walk to our local Home Hardware for some paint chips to try and see what colour would be better for our door. On the way back I scanned houses and doors in the neighbourhood looking for ideas and suggestions and found myself leaning towards a light grey (funny enough the colour of the paint we removed from the house) to paint the door and the door trim. Looking at houses in the neighbourhood I liked it when people painted out the door frame and door trim to match the door, it somehow looked cleaner than a trim colour and then a door colour. Arriving home I tapped the colour choices to the door frame so I can look at them over the next couple of days to decide which I like best. 

Later Mr.Z called wondering if we wanted to go out for a ride with them. Mr.T was feeling cranky and didn't want to go but I needed to get out so I caught the subway over to their place. Once there I found Mr.D and Mr.Z in the process of trying to lay some patio stones in a bed of gravel as a base for a jacuzzi they want to buy. Because they hadn't yet finished we all pitched in so that we could help level the base to ensure the jacuzzi will have a good solid base to sit on. 

After we finished Mr.D and Mr.Z offered to take me out to dinner for fish and chips, something I have missed. While their local fish and chip place was closed I suggested Fresco's in the market and after making our way downtown we had some really yummy fish and chips before heading home so that we could check on Mr.T. All in all a nice day after I got myself out of the house.

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