Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Brickwork Continues...

This morning another brick guy arrived to begin work on the front of the house. This is third person that has arrived to tackle this particular project. First we had our contractor, who we contacted well over a year ago who came to assess the project. Originally he had a brick guy who was going to come last summer, but that fell through. So we were excited when another guy came to look at the brick on behalf of our contractor and promised to come in awhile. That was more than a month ago and we were so pleased to see him arrive last week and actually begin the miserable job of stripping off the paint from the brick. We guessed that the brick underneath was not going to be great, why else would you paint it, and while it was not that bad the next step was for a bricklayer to come out, removing damaged bricks and replacing them with new and then removing any parging and pointing in-between. That work began this morning and will probably be finished on Friday. 

The yellow door with a selection of colour choices. 
Which would you suggest?
I am leaning towards a light grey. 

After that we will have to reapply caulking around the windows before we finally paint out the sills, the porch and the door and doorframe to give the house a presentable face. 

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