Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Long Bike Ride

Today I decided to go for a long bike ride. I had intended to bike east along Harbord to Wellesley and then cross over the Don River at Riverdale Park but when I got to the top of the bridge I found the bike trails both north and south closed for construction. So instead of biking north on the Don trail I biked over the river to Broadview then south to Dundas. I was searching for any street that had a bike lane and Dundas was the first street that had a bike lane so from there I biked east as far as I could wondering where it led. Dundas ended at Kingston Road, so from there I biked south to the bike trail that runs along Lakeshore Boulevard. Heading back west I crossed again over the river then biked a little north on the Don Trail to see how the trail connected to the former PanAm village. 

The trail leads under a berm to a park in a large circle heading both north and south. I choose north then made my way back over to Richmond Street for the separated bike lanes that run west to Bathurst Street. All together I biked 19 kilometres discovering along the way sections of the city I had never explored. 

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