Sunday, August 21, 2016

Checking Out the Ex

Mr.Z, Ms.E and Mr.D walking the Midway

Yesterday after making my way to Kensington to pick up dry goods and veggies for the week Mr.T and I turned a whole peck of cucumbers into pickles. We have been picking them for the past couple of weeks and we just had too many sitting around. As we finished Mr.D called inviting us to go with them to the CNE for the afternoon. Mr.T didn't want to go so when they arrived I went with Mr.D and Mr.Z to catch a streetcar to the Ex. There we met up with Ms.E. We then walked through a couple of the buildings checking out all the wares enjoying the air conditioning because it was really hot and humid outside. 

After walking for awhile we made our way over to the Food building for a late lunch. It was nice to see lots of new food booths and not just the usual fast food chain options. There were lots of unique offerings and while everything was grossly overpriced in the end I opted for one of my favourites clams and fries. 

After dinner we walked back outside exploring the Arts and Crafts building and then the Midway before checking out an advertised Star Trek bar. Sadly, the bar was really disappointing with no real theming or any attempt to make it interesting. There was also an art exhibit devoted to fan art celebrating 50 years of Star Trek which while more interesting than the bar was still really small. After looking around we caught a streetcar back home so everyone could say hello to Mr.T before they headed home and Mr.T and I settled in for a quiet evening at home. 

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