Monday, August 08, 2016

Home Again

I arrived back this morning after another road trip out west with Ms.R and Mr.J's new car. Because I have done this trip so many times I know where to stop and when. The first day I drive from Toronto to Sault Ste. Marie where I usually stay at the Super 8 on Great Northern Road. But when I was booking it on they suggested another hotel, Quattro which was just across the road and I decided to try it because it was $ 10.00 cheaper. Before checking in I stopped for a quick dinner at Shogun Sushi opting for a bento box which is the perfect food after a long drive. 

I then made my way across the road to Quattro to check in. While the price was lower when I booked I was dismayed to discover a couple of hidden charges that were not added until the book the next morning. Quattro is a large sprawling complex with conference rooms and a lobby located on the ground floor facing out to Great Northern Road. The whole place sits off a parking lot the encircles the building. There is a pool and a jacuzzi (a definite plus after a long drive) but the layout and design made me wonder who the place was trying to attract and please? The rooms had a nice business-like feel but when I first entered I was overwhelmed by the smell of disinfectant that is usually only so overpowering in cheaper motels. I hoped the smell would dissipate and went down for a swim and a jacuzzi but sadly, I woke in the middle of the night with a throbbing headache from the smell of the disinfectant. I asked for an aspirin from the desk and explained why to the desk clerk but they really didn't seem concerned about the issue. After trying to go back to sleep I decided instead to pack up and hit the road early in the morning. 

From the Sault I drove north in the dark to Old Woman's Bay enjoying the sunset as it rose over Lake Superior. 

From there I continued north and west on 17 stopping again in Terrace Bay to check out their beach, which while quite a drive from the town was really beautiful. Driving up the road I then stopped to check out Aquabason Falls. After a short stop I then drove on to Thunder Bay where I stayed at my favourite place the Days Inn North which is located just off the highway and close to the Thunder Bay hospital. 

For dinner I checked out what was available on Yelp and was curious about a Korean BBQ place, Handu BBQ. But heading over there I found it shuttered so decided instead to for to my usual Thai/Burmese place Salween. I had a shrimp red curry which again was a great meal after a long drive. 

The next morning after checking out I drove north on 17 stopping only for water and for a rest in a rest area beside Dixie Lake in Northern Ontario before hitting the Manitoba border late in the afternoon. Once I hit Winnipeg I took the circle highway round the city to avoid traffic and stopped for a late lunch, early dinner at Joey's Seafood for some cod & chips. From there I drove west on Highway 1 to Headingly so I could check in at the Motel 6, my favourite go to just outside of Winnipeg. After a relaxing swim I settled in for a quiet night.

On Thursday morning I drove west on the TransCanada finally arriving at Mr.J and Ms.R's place in the early afternoon (because I gained a couple of hours on the drive). For dinner Ms.R took me out to a really nice Thai place located in downtown Regina, Siam. The food was really good and exciting because there were lots of items different from Toronto Thai menus. 

The next day Ms.R and Mr.J dropped me off at the airport for a morning flight to Calgary where I was picked up by Ms.M. After driving back to her place we went for dinner to one of her favourite places the Red Water Grill and while the place had a really great atmosphere the food while good came with items that weren't mentioned on the menu. Something that is always difficult for fussy people like me. The next day we drove out to check out a couple of condos in a townhouse development and then met with another realtor to discuss the sale of Ms.M's house. 

On Sunday we drove out to a farmer's market on MacLeod for some really yummy sushi at a place called Big Fish. While a stall located in a market the sushi was stellar and delicious. From there we decided to drive out to see the mountains stopping for a short visit in Banff. 

On Monday morning we had to wake early so I could make an early morning flight from Calgary back to Toronto arriving home for lunchtime. It was another whirlwind journey out west catching up with friends and allowing me time to myself enjoying the drive.

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