Friday, August 26, 2016

What to Do?

For 11 years now I have been volunteering on Thursdays at a local free clinic for men. I began volunteering way back in September 2005 as way to give my weeks some structure after spending so much time in hospital. Getting out on Thursdays not only helps me structure the rest of my week but it gives me a much needed social outlet. But of late I have found the experience more tiring than invigorating. I love that I have been able to meet some really wonderful people but also find myself exhausted by others. I am not sure how to move forward. Part of me wants to stop volunteering because I really don't enjoy the experience any more and dread going in on Thursdays, but at the same time it will mean giving up a really important social outlet. 


  1. Maybe look for another volunteering opportunity somewhere different, doing a different type of work for a change?

  2. Thanks. I have looked into that. One of the reasons I ended up volunteering where I do was that other volunteer places required potential volunteers to take training courses that I wasn't interested in. I have also volunteered at the archives, but found the work too boring. Maybe the issue is I need to find something more fulfilling for me?