Monday, September 05, 2016

A Labour Day Drive

This morning Mr.Z texted to see if we wanted to go for a drive. While we had no real agendas, because most things were closed for labour day, Mr.D needed to drop off his bowling ball at a bowling alley all the way across the city. After driving through lots of traffic held up because of a labour day parade we were able to drop off the ball then made our way north to Brampton to check out the only farmer's market that seemed opened today, Downey's Market. 

Mr.D and Mr.Z picked up a bunch of fruit and veggies before we made our way back downtown. Because of Mr.T's healing ankle we still can't travel too much so it was nice to get out for the day with Mr.D and Mr.Z. For dinner we wanted something simple so I made some orzo with some pesto from the garden and some pan-fried shrimp, light and summery.  

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