Saturday, September 03, 2016

Looking Around

Today was another bright, beautiful summer-like day in TO and after making my way to Kensington and then up to Bloor to pick up dry goods, bread and veggies for the week Mr.T and I decided to check out an open house just south of Ulster. The house was a teardown that was then reconstructed as three separate but attached condominiums consisting of two units facing Lippincott Street and one facing the alleyway in back. We had watched the development from destruction to construction and were curious to see what the actual interiors were like. The open house was the most Southern unit facing out onto Lippincott Street.

Consisting of three floors (and a finished basement), three bedrooms and three baths the place had everything one expects from a new build but walking through it I found myself still missing a useable outdoor space (the two front units have outdoor space only facing the street). Walking through the space while it offered a better use of space than our Victorian house it still offered too much space and too many stairs. 

Over the years Mr.T and I have seen lots of different houses and units and still in our minds the townhomes offered at BStreet Condos on Loretto Lane just east of Bathurst were the best layout we liked. They consisted of two wide floors with living space on the main floor and two bedrooms on the second floor. The only problem with BStreet was a lack of good outdoor space something we have grown accostumed too in the house. So we keep looking. 

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