Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shopping Day

Yesterday after Tuesday morning yoga I caught the TTC to the Stockyards to check out the RONA, Canadian Tire and Home Depot. I was looking for a whole host of items to complete different projects at home. At RONA I found some aluminum stringers that I hope will help me fix our front steps. Earlier this summer I had to replace one of the steps leading to our front porch because it had rotted through. When I lifted it I found not only was it rotted but the stringers under it and the newell post had also rotted because when they were installed they were placed on top of a pile of dirt. I was disappointed that the person who built the porch and steps years ago had been so lazy, leaving me trying to figure out not only how to replace the steps but also to remove the pile of dirt. 

At Canadian Tire I found a small BBQ cover that will work perfectly to cover our ladder under the carport/pergola. I also picked up some cleaning stuff for the house. And lastly at Home Depot I picked up some aircraft line, some eye hooks and cleats to help build a new system for shade on the back deck. Originally I installed a sun sail which I bought at Lee Valley that is really beautiful but only provides shade over our outdoor seating for about an hour every day. I had been thinking I would need to install another pergola over the deck, which would mean more construction, to create a frame for some sun shades. But while flipping through images on Pinterest I found some images of sun shades suspended by aircraft line and thought it would be an easier installation. We will see if it will work. 

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