Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Reprieve from the Cold

Our Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

Yesterday Mr.T was finally able to walk with me to the market and back for the first time since his accident last June. Not only was it a nice warm, fall day, tt was nice to have company as we picked up our dry goods and veggies for the week. We then carved a couple of pumpkins, one for us and one for his work. After a quick lunch we walked north to Dupont and Bathurst to check out an open house in a small townhouse development that we really like. 

The place located just west of Bathurst on the south side of Dupont is long and narrow with townhomes built back to back with some facing east and some west. This one was the first unit facing east. The place shows beautifully featuring light wood floors and lots of usable open space. There is also a really beautiful deck on the top floor. The problem, besides the location being outside of my preferred area is that all the stairs means lots of climbing between floor. Barbecuing on the top would mean climbing up three flights of stairs with food and would get tired very quickly. Mr.T and I both loved the finishes and everything but in the end found it really wouldn't suit what we want or need. 

Walking back from Dupont we decided to head over to Sakura for a late lunch and an early dinner at Sakura. Instead of filling up on sushi, which is never really good at these AYCE places we had lots of grilled and cooked Japanese food. And while it was really busy on the street, because the weather was so nice, it wasn't that busy while we were at the restaurant which was nice. It was the perfect way to end a nice summer-like fall day. 

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