Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall is Here

While yesterday was a bright, beautiful, sunny day we finally have fall temperatures meaning I have to change, reluctantly, from shorts to pants. Walking to the market I also had to don a coat and a scarf because of a biting breeze that cut to the bone. While I went to the market Mr.T was able to walk up to Bloor Street to pick up some buns and assorted groceries from Metro. 

After lunch we puttered around in the backyard and the front of the house cleaning up the endless amount of leaves that fall every year. We then swept the deck and prepared all the garden furniture for winter, wrapping everything in tarps. Mr.T wanted to test out his foot, so we went for a short walk down to the Loblaw's & Winner's on Portland street. On the way back he stopped for some Zimbawean street food at one of those container turned stores that line the Community Centre on Dundas Street. He had an English styled Zimbawa steak and onion pie that he really enjoyed. 

Later for dinner we walked up to Bloor Street for some AYCE sushi at Sakura. While the food at Sakura isn't spectacular I have always found that the trick with AYCE places is to stay away from the sushi and order grilled, baked or fried items as they are usually a better quality. Sadly, Mr.T over ordered too much sushi while I was on the phone with my Mom meaning he was left with a whole plate of really poor sushi that he had to eat. In the end while he ate too much bad sushi I really enjoyed all the grilled fish and tataki I had. Making our way home, Bloor Street was filled with the bridge and tunnel crowd (Saturday night suburbanites) that made us want to retreat to a quiet evening at home. 

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