Thursday, November 10, 2016

Playing with Encaustic

This week we have had higher than normal temperatures filled with bright, sunny days. Today I decided to walk over to Canadian Tire to purchase a heat gun, another necessary tool for encaustic work. After buying the griddle on the weekend I tackled a shadow box we had hanging in the basement bath. In it we had a shell from a scallop that was held up by nails and always looked kind of tacky. So using my new encaustic kit I decided to see how it would look if I could paint down a matt covered in blue paper and then mount the shell on top of this. While I was able to paint over the matt with the encaustic wax, the shell was just too heavy, so using a little hot glue I glued it onto the background happy with my first foray into encaustic painting. 

Today I decided to try my hand with some old drawings from when I used to draw and paint. The encaustic kit I bought came with two encaustic boards and one larger encaustic panel (the kit was ingeniously set inside the last panel) and I decided to use one of the smaller panels to mount an old drawing. The drawing, done way back in the 1980s as AIDS ravaged our communities sat in a sketchbook all these years waiting for a home. I really like the result, which brings out not only the original drawing but also the material that it was drawn on creating something new and interesting. 

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