Friday, December 30, 2016

A Friday Film

Today Mr.T was feeling a little better after a week of staying in, so we walked to the Scotiabank Theatre on Richmond Street so we could finally see Rogue One. The film which chronologically fits between the Revenge of the Sith and the original Star Wars film explores how the Rebel Alliance acquired the plans to destroy the Death Star (which happens in Star Wars). 

Watching it, both Mr.T and I found ourselves unimpressed by the pacing and the need for constant battles between the Rebels and the Empire. There really was not a lot of narrative or story except to connect the film from what came before and what was to come after. The film begins on a planet in the Star Wars galaxy and bounces about on numerous other locations using what I believe is a lazy film technique, using titles to denote place rather than developing place through narrative or plot development. From that point forward the story is formulaic, lost girl joins with the Alliance encountering along the way a collection of motley characters who all have hearts of gold and who sacrifice themselves for the greater good of Star Wars universe. 

The problem for us was that neither of us ever developed any empathy or care about the characters or what passed for a plot. I guess films like this are pitched at younger audiences, a demographic group that increasingly does not include people like Mr.T and I. 

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