Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Winter Drive

On Friday night I picked up a rental car from National car so that I could get an early start on Saturday morning. Sadly, overnight it snowed and getting the car out of our tight parking spot and turned around in our tight alley was difficult because of all the snow. I became stuck farther down the alley and thanks to Mr.T and a friendly neighbour was able to finally turn around and begin the long journey to London. 
I drove north on Bathurst hoping to use the Allen to meet up with the 401, but there were no turns at Eglington so I had to continue along snowy, unplowed streets all the way to Lawrence. From there I was able to head west to the Allen then to the 401. Because I was driving early the highway was really quiet and still snow covered. Heading west I drove north on Winston Churchill Boulevard to Georgetown so I could stop at Miller's Scottish Bakery to pick up some pies and goodies for Mom. She loves their food and I wanted to make sure she had some food she liked. But again the roads were treacherous. 

Once I picked up pies and goodies I drove back down to the 401 which finally cleared up a bit just west of Cambridge continuing onto London. At Mom's apartment I met up with her, my niece, her boyfriend and my nephew. We then all drove to King's Buffet on Dundas Street for lunch. The place is a Chinese-styled buffet with food that really isn't that good, but Mom likes it because it is easy to get to and allows everyone to have something they want. 

After lunch my niece, her boyfriend and my nephew headed back home to Kitchener and Guelph while I drove Mom home. I then drove across town back to the 401 to head home, driving into freezing rain. It seemed Mother Nature was determined to throw me every curve ball she could on the drive to and back from London. Arriving home I was exhausted not only from the drive but from that peculiar feeling one gets after spending time with family. 

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