Sunday, December 11, 2016

Home Again

I arrived home yesterday afternoon after a long day of travel from Calgary. I left early in the morning and by the time I caught the bus then the subway home it was beginning to get dark so I was tired. While a short trip, it was really nice to spend time in Ms.M's home with just her and her brother Mr.D. Because it was just the two of them the place had a really relaxed and laid back energy. We spent most of our time just catching up and chatting because it was just too cold to be outside for any length of time. 

On Wednesday Ms.M took me out to a new vegetarian restaurant White Rose Kitchen located in an older section of Calgary that sits on the flood plain of the Bow. The area is really nice with a kind of old town feel with angled parking and a street filled with shops and the kitchen. The door opens to the bar and behind that is the kitchen. As you walk in to the left is the seating area with banquette seating running along the inside of the outside wall and a selection of small tables. The decor is an eclectic mix of elements including some really nice retro styled apothecary like pendants. The place was busy and the service attentive. The food was good but we thought it would have been nicer if the options were a little smaller, more tapas like allowing for more sharing.

For dinner on Wednesday night Ms.M and I picked up some groceries and I showed her how to make pizza in cast iron pans, one of our favourite wintery foods. On Thursday the three of us with Ms.A checked out a townhouse that Ms.M wants to buy for her new home. Located on a hill overlooking the river the place has a wonderful view of the city. While it sits in what is a suburban styled set of townhouses and really isn't anything special from the outside, the inside is a pleasant surprise with its view and the light that floods the place. All three of us loved the place and thought it would make a great new home for Ms.M. 

After viewing the townhouse Ms.M and Ms.A and I stopped for lunch at the Red Water Grill. While the place offers glorified pub grub, dressed up to be more interesting, the atmosphere which Ms.M loves is really relaxed and the perfect spot for a quiet lunch with friends. After driving Ms.A home, she wanted me to see her place to recommend some colours for her walls. She has a really nice older home in another old section of Calgary located really close to downtown.

Later Ms.M and I headed out to catch an early film at a local theatre. She wanted me to see the film Arrival a slow paced but really interesting take on first contact films. The film focuses on the problems of inter-species communication and the different tensions between humans and factions. It reminded me in feel and pacing of one of my favourite films The Fountain, which also plays with concepts of time and understanding. 

On Friday we spent the day mostly puttering around the house before heading out to pick up some paint chips for Ms.A. For dinner Ms.M and I went out to their favourite Indian place The Himalayan located on 17th Street not to far from their house. The place is located in a strip mall that is really busy. We had to park a fair way away and then walked through the cold to the restaurant. We were lucky to score a table along one wall. The Himalayan is a small popular place serving some of the most delicious curries you will ever enjoy. Just inside the front door is a fully stocked bar with banquette seating along the opposite wall. The bar is separated from the eating area by a few screens creating a narrow walkway for staff to serve from the kitchen in the back. There are a few tables beside these screens and a few move along the back wall. The place is cosy and stylish with the staff all dressed in black. A family run place the food is the real star, made clear because the place is always busy. There are a selection of Tibetan and Indian styled appetizers and a range of curries available with assorted proteins. All the mains arrive plated on stylish oversized dishes with rice, bread and a curried potato salad. We ordered the Chana saag, which was really yummy and an eggplant dish with shrimp that was good. Another table ordered the mango curry which looked absolutely wonderful, so next time I have to have that. The service is fast, attentive and friendly and the food delicious.

On Saturday morning I awoke early and was able to see Ms.B and Mr.T before heading off to the airport for my flight home. While a quick trip it was nice to see Ms.M and catch up with her and her family. 

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