Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Saturday Walk

Today after making our way to Kensington Market Mr.T and I walked up to the Rogers store on Bloor Street. Of late my phone has had trouble not only charging but also keeping a charge, so I wanted to check with Rogers to see about a possible upgrade. Of course nothing is ever that simple. 

Looking on their website it showed I was eligible for a free upgrade but after chatting to the representative it became clear that it wouldn't be that simple. If I upgraded my phone I was eligible for a refund on my existing phone for $ 200.00 which could then be put against the purchase price of a new phone. But changing to a newer phone would also mean changing my phone plan and an extra $ 10.00 a month. In the end I would be paying more for less. So we left without doing anything. 

After picking up some bread at Cob's and some juice at Metro we then decided to go for a walk down Spadina to Home Sense and Winners. Because it wasn't too cold out we decided from the Winners on Spadina to head down to the lake. We walked along the lake ending up at Queen's Quay before crossing over the Royal Bank building where we were able to walk the PATH north to the Bay and then the Eaton Centre. We arrived at the same moment that the Woman's March ended near City Hall so the place was a zoo. Trying to avoid the crowds we made our way back home through as many side streets as we could. 

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