Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Sunday Walk

Because Mr.T worked till late yesterday we decided it would be a nice idea today to head down to the Beach to check out the Winter Stations we read about on BlogTO. Catching the Bathurst bus to Queen we transferred to the Queen car riding it all the way to its eastern end at Neville Park. From there we walked down to the beach surprised at how many people were out walking along the beach on a cold, wintery day. After walking for a bit we realized that we were too early for the Winter Stations, they will not be built until mid February and instead made our way back up to Queen Street in search of a warm place for some breakfast for Mr.T. 

On Queen Street I spotted a restaurant the Green Eggplant that was advertising a cheap breakfast and we decided to try it. I was hoping that not only would it serve all things egg related for Mr.T but also since it was a Mediterranean place it might offer something for me. The place is much larger than it appears from the outside with an open kitchen just behind the front door and a couple of seating areas set back away from the street. Entering we were surprised the place was not as busy as we expected, but once we saw the menu we realized why. Not only was it just a glorified diner with a few added items allowing it to call itself Mediterranean  (there was no hummus or any other Mediterranean styled dishes) it was really overpriced for what was offered. Sadly, we were also told the cheap breakfast advertised out front was only available Monday to Friday, something we hadn't noticed. In the end we were really disappointed that the food which was what one expected from a diner was just too overpriced for what was offered. 

Leaving the restaurant we walked west on Queen Street to Woodbine before catching the streetcar to the Eaton Centre. After walking through the mall we walked west on Dundas to Spadina before heading home to warm up after a cold wintery walk.

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