Friday, January 20, 2017

How Empires Fall

Today we see Donald Trump inaugurated as President of the United States. Back in October I would never had thought such a thing possible. Watching the campaign from a distance I couldn't help but feel that Trump entered the race on a lark. He wanted to throw a wrench into the race for President throwing around his inflammatory comments and ideas but it seemed he never really expected to win. Winning surprised him as much as anyone else. 

Angela Davis has written how his election is the last gasp of white male privilege and given who voted for Trump there is something to her argument. Those who voted for him, were like the Brexit vote in Britain, voting against something else and in Trump's case it was Obama as a black President and everything he stood for. Those of us who want a more diverse world filled with possibility and hope know we have made great strides towards a more inclusive society and Trump's election is probably the last gasp of those who fear losing their imagined and perceived status. The loss of perceived power is never pretty and they will fight tooth and nail for their ideas of themselves, but we need to remember we have survived similar challenges before. Power breeds resistance and the abuse of power makes us stronger in our resolve. 

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