Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Cold Bright Weekend

Yesterday, Mr.T decided to take a day off work and he joined me for yoga with Mr.V and Mr.D. It was another cold day so after yoga we all walked down to St.Lawrence Market where Mr.V and Mr.D seem to know everyone from their regular weekly shopping. For lunch we decided to split a couple of sandwiches from Uno Mustachio, eggplant for Mr.V and I, and veal for Mr.T and Mr.D. 

After lunch Mr.T and I made our way downtown in order to walk back north via the PATH. We arrived just at lunchtime and everywhere in the PATH was abuzz with people heading for their lunch. Making our way to the Sheraton on Queen we walked back home via Queen Street to Spadina then north on Spadina to home. On the way I found myself pushed to my limit because of the cold and the wind which was whipping through my body making me feel every little gust. 

Arriving home I plunged into a really hot bath in order to try and regain some much needed bodily warmth. For dinner Mr.T picked up some fish and chips from Harbord Fish and Chips, only because it was close. Every time we get their fish and chips we regret it. Not only is the batter greasy but the fish itself was way too dry and not any way enjoyable. But for not wanting to venture out it is what we are left with on a cold, blustery night. 

This morning was another bright, sunny day, but again it was really cold. After making our way to market I just want to spend the rest of the day hiding away from the cold. 

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