Sunday, March 05, 2017

A Sunday Film (spoiler alert)

This morning was promising to be another bright but cold wintery day, so Mr.T and I decided to head over to the ManuLife Centre to catch a movie. I texted Mr.D and Mr.Z to see if they wanted to join us, and even though it was an early film, they decided to come and see the new Logan film with us. 

The film which is to be Hugh Jackman's last in the X-men and Wolverine franchise is a dark, road film that sees not only the death of Wolverine himself, but the destruction of all the mutants from the entire X-Men franchise. Set in a near future which is dark, bleak and protectionist, the United States in the film mirrors the divided world we are seeing created by Trump, as Logan slowly ages losing his ability to heal. Working as a limo driver he works to protect Xavier who himself is suffering from attacks that cause him to loose control over his own abilities and another version of the Moorlock, Caliban. These three are joined by a young Mexican girl who it turns out it is an engineered child from Logan's DNA. 

Coming together Logan, Xavier and the young girl, Laura try to make their way from the southwestern United States to the border of Canada near North Dakota. Sadly, the narrative reflects current events with illegal immigrants trying to reach the safety of Canada as they flee an increasingly hostile environment in the U.S. Of all the Wolverine films this has to be the darkest and most violent. Not only is there the usual body count, not surprising for Wolverine films, but as Logan, Xavier and Laura try to make their way to safety the sheer violence of the deaths by Logan and Laura is at times difficult to watch. 

However, the violence of the film does not detract from a beautifully crafted story about the Logan and his relationship with Xavier and the young girl. 

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