Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Sunday Walk

After spending a lot of the weekend in front of my computer writing about the neighbourhood I needed to get out for a walk. So this morning Mr.T and I decided to walk over to the Dufferin Mall, just to get out of the house. After walking around the mall we found some iron-on fabric that I could use as a patch for a pair of pants that were wearing out in the crotch. Mr.T also picked up some apples from the No Frills, just because they are cheaper than everywhere else. We then walked north to Bloor Street before making our way back home. 

Sadly, we were caught in a little rain shower so we ducked into a local bakery to escape the rain and I had a bacalao while Mr.T had a bacalao and a Portuguese egg custard, a nata. Once the rain let off a bit we continued walking east where I spotted this really nice small Bosch oven that I really liked in an appliance store on the south side of Bloor. Walking a little father east we stopped for a really, yummy, all though way too sweet peanut butter & chocolate donut from Apiecaplyse on Bloor at Christie. I love the way they make their donuts, they are really delicious but sometimes how they top them is just way too sweet for my taste. 

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