Thursday, March 09, 2017

An Archive Day

Today because it was promising to be another cold, bright day I decided to head up to the City of Toronto Archives to do some more research on the house. I wanted to pull the most recent tax assessments to check out a couple of details I had previously missed and while waiting for those hard copy records to be pulled I thought I would look up some work permits for the house. 

The walk up to the archives was cold and I surprised when I arrived to discover I was the only researcher there for early work. Working with one of the reference archivists, John Huzil he showed me how to pull the records (I had forgotten how) and how to look up work permits. Sadly, the process for looking up permits is really time consuming with records sorted in chronological order and not by street. After spending a little time looking at records for 1970 and 1969 I decided to give up and asked one of the other archivists if there were any other sources I could look at for my social history of the area. In the end it turned out the best documents were those I had already consulted, the city directories and the tax assessments. So after finding the information I wanted in the most recent tax assessments for 2012, I made my way back home where I continued working on the history of our house. 

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